Friday, July 15, 2011

Gratuitous Pet Picture Friday

Sounds like a good thing to start up, anyway. I don't update this enough, and I need to start having things to put up, even if this is just a little personal blog.

So meet Bandit! The Seven Pound Wonder, Bandaroo, Bandito, so on and so forth. On his brand new bed! Sister was scandalized because the tag said "cat bed", but he's so small he fits it.

Under the cut, have some more pictures of the animals that inhabit my house!

Baby Bandaroo is very photogenic.

Even if he thinks he's people. 

 This is actually Oreo, a good old boy. He lived in our home for... erf, thirteen years or so. He left us in January, at 17. He took a lot of terrible pictures, and approximately three good ones. Here he is, in my favorite.

This little tyke is actually Bandit! He came to us as a little black and brown moppet, so we were shocked after his first haircut brought him back to us as a grey pupper. 

Patches~! My beloved baby kitten. Not so much a kitten, as she's sitting at 14 or so right now, but still a good girl. Spends most of her days snoozing and fighting Bandit.

 Sitting at the window~<3

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