Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New quilt finished!

Man, I really need to get back into this again.

Anyway, my is finished!

Caithe, top

Here it is! Done with the Origins by Basic Grey fabric line. I had a jelly roll of it sitting around for a while, and was glad I found another so I could make this!

Caithe's Clseupkr

I ended up naming it Caithe, because I cannot for the life of me remember the proper name for the pattern and it ended up being called "chains of Caithe" while making it, so why not? I'ma huge Guild Wars nerd anyway.

Anyway! The quilting on it was just your normal meandering stitches, with sharp corners and straight-ish lines. If I had it again to do over I would not have done it so small, because it took forever on my little machine.

From the back.

Her backside is mostly just a solid yellow, aside from the little stripe of leftovers from the top. I ended up using leftovers for the binding too, so I ended up using pretty much every bit of fabric!

Caithe, finished~!
Then a bit of both the front and the back all at once.

I think I'm finally getting the hang of binding up quilts now, which is grand. Now to rest for a few days while I decide which project of the three(!) I have fabric for is next...

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