Friday, February 15, 2013

Denim Quilt Finish!

Woohoo! Finally, a finished quilt for 2013! Even if I'd told myself I wasn't going to start any new ones this year, a finish is a finish.

So when we last left me, I had just started sewing my big strips together and getting the flannel squares down. Here is the finished top, ready to sandwich!

Of course, something that big laying on the floor is bound to attract helpers. Bandit was concerned about the safety pins.

Asric really wanted to help, and tried to eat them in case it would make a difference to me while Bandit was off duty.

And finished! I forgot to take any pictures while I was tying it, oops. Tied with acrylic yarn that shifts between black and white, which I think is fine. I hope I tied everything tight enough that it doesn't come undone.

Not pictured: me immediately ripping the back of the quilt trying to get it off the fence. Erf.

The back is solid black flannel, and between it and the weight of the denim/flannel top it's fairly heavy and warm.  While it's not properly bed-sized, it's big and warm enough I've actually been able to sleep under it without my space heater turned on and not wake up cold! Brilliant.

This one isn't mine, but Mom was motivated to try and start on some little wall hangings with fabric she has ended up with from her grandma and aunt (my great grandma and great aunt). She wants to make an unspecified number of them to give to relatives, though who and how many and who gets what is dependent on how many she ends up with!

She's nearly finished with it now. I'm pretty proud of her for that.

And that's it for this quilting update! I wish I were back at work.

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