Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend pictures.

If I -took- them on the right day, it totally counts, right? I say it does. Here's Saturday's. It's that bandanna again, but the other way 'round. And no glasses this time, because why not?

Sunday is a day of rest, so on Sundays I'm going to take a rest from pictures of my ugly mug. This was how most of my weekend was spent. Guild Wars 2 beta weekend! They only come around once a month-ish, so take advantage while I can.

Turns out my beloved laptop falls below minimum specs to play it, so oops that might be why I keep crashing all the time... Ah well, better get saving my pennies for a new one.

Also of note: my festival mug. I can move now, I have a mug from this town!

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