Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Artslam, Day One.

This month on the Artslam challenge I'm going to be working on a headworld (headplot?) I've had poking around for a while that is loosely titled "The King of Nightmares and the Dream Fighters", which generally gets shortened to "The Nightmare King's Nonsense" because that's how I roll.

Anyway, the basic jist of it all is the King of Nightmares lives off in his dream world, where he pokes around into the minds of anyone who might happen to be sleeping throughout the multiverse, thus bringing them nightmares. His world is pretty well shaped by his will, and more or less entirely populated with things of his own designs that do whatever he asks whenever he asks in mindless devotion to him. He is, however, bored with lording over everything in his world, so he takes it upon himself to try to bring in something from somewhere else to entertain him.

Through perseverance and some magics found in an old tome, he manages to port in items from sleeping beings into his world. What follows is a string of thefts from various worlds to test his spell, eventually ending up with flat-out kidnapping two entire people.

Due to the way in which the thefts occurred, the victims (or the one closest to the victim, in the case of the kidnappings) are aware of who and how they occurred. Seeing this as an even better way to relieve his boredom, the King invites those he stole from to come into his world to try and reclaim their things.

Over the course of the month I'd like to actually flesh this out some, as all of this word spill tends to only show itself as pictures of the King himself. It'll be nice to have more to it than vague handwavings.

Today, however, we get yet another picture of the King of Nightmares.

Over his time as King he has grown tired of maintaining a constantly fearful appearance and has slid into something a bit less so. While he does keep up some appearances, what with his exposed bones and entirely improper wings, the coat is decidedly not frightening.

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