Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sister's Quilt, Finished!

Yes indeedy! The quilt made for my sister in honor of her high school graduation is finished. Once upon a time, it looked like this!

Sister's quilt avec Patches

Now it looks like this!

Quilt! And the dog.

The animals kind of adore sitting on my projects. But they won't look at me while doing it. Clearly they are guilty things.

Quilt! On the fence.

These upright metal... parts of an archway are so nice for framing quilts. A pity I can't center things.

Quilt! And the backing.

The backing and the front together! I dig the colors.

Quilt! And the quilting.

The quilting! With rainbow thread. The idea was kind of scribbly casual flowers. It's anybody's guess if I succeeded.

Quilt! And the binding.

Speaking of succeeding, the binding this time is the best yet. I think I might finally be getting the hang of this thing. Not -quite- right, but we're getting there!

Up next is either another quilt or my ~*seekrit*~ project, depending on how soon the things for that gets here.

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