Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 5-7, in which I catch up here.

I've been keeping up over on the community, but not so much here, so I'll be putting this entry under a cut.

Hey guys! It's later than I normally post, but I was running everywhere today, so I didn't have much time to draw. All I have for today is a photo out of my sketchbook, which I brilliantly purchased even though it's too big to fit in my scanner. Ah well.

Here we have one of the critters with a terrible attempt at foreshadowing, our friend from yesterday, and a few other bits of nonsense.


Too many things pulling me too many ways means I didn't get what I'd intended to finished for today, so instead have a preview of sorts.

There's been questions about what Mr. King can and can't do, so here's a peek at how he goes and starts giving you nightmares. He's got to find you first, and what better way to do that than by magics?


Okay, so this is pretty terrible, but I wanted to get it out today. A rough idea of how he goes about causing you nightmares (and stealing yer shit). He magics up a portal to find someone asleep. He peeks in at your dream, then probes inside your head to check out what's the sort of stuff that scares you before turning your happy dream about your ladyfriend or whatever into something horrible.

Due to his nice new spell, he can select and separate a section of the dream and phase it out, so to speak. Pull it from your dream's reality into his own, so that when your nightmare dissolves itself the item in question returns to it's new native reality, and thus the king.

Not pictured: Kegan waking up sans eye patch and being quite displeased.

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