Monday, June 13, 2011

Days 9-11: Catching up editions.

Still behind after these, but making progress! Sometimes, I like to do goofy warmup shit before getting into any sort of "better" arts. Generally this is something unrelated to what all I'm doing up for artslam, so you guys tend to be safe from the first terrible nonsense of the day.

Today, however, since I'm kind of behind and it -is- more or less related, I slapped a bit of color on it and y'all just get to suffer through it.

Nightmare King ponies are ridiculous and pretty much uncanon, but eh, so it goes. I am still halfway tempted to try and make one up from the hairless pony base I have laying around, if only I could figure out a way to twist around the wings.

More skulls! I'm hoping that eventually I will remember that skulls look more like this than the way I tend to make them. You'd think I'd be more consistent or better at them considering.

Hi there, little one! Where do you think you're off to? Should you be casting a shadow like that while standing in the middle of a bigger shadow? What are you, anyway? All this and more we will discover eventually tomorrow (hopefully).

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