Friday, June 24, 2011

Falling behind on one thing...

...leads me to falling behind on so many other things, I swear. I fell behind on my daily artslam stuff, so I thus fell behind on posting here. Here's where I play catch up!


There was an Outrunners update on Wednesday! I will always feel the need to flog this damn thing here.

Also! I'm making a new quilt! Again. This time it's the Chain of Faith quilt, which I am going to rename as the "Chains of Caith" quilt due to my inability to type. Anyway! It's a step up from what I've done before, requiring many more pieces than I've ever needed for a top before. I have done a terrible job getting pictures of it in progress, so here you have the only two in existance:

Quilt in potientia

Once all the pieces were cut and bagged for safe keeping. I was quite nervous at this point.

X approximate

The quilt as it sits now. None of the bigger X blocks are sewn just yet, but that will likely occur today.

And now... now I'll put a cut on the entry and stick up some of my catch up images from artslam.

Noni and her ma, Gabbi.

Animated gifs are kind of fun to make.

Noni understands how the darkness works.

A handy dandy chart laying out all the players and why they're playing.

This world only exists by whatever I decide for them for the King of Nightmares bit, but I kind of want to expand upon it, because clearly that's what I need.

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