Thursday, June 2, 2011

Artslam, Day Two.

Today let's natter on about Mr. King again today. As he -is- the king of his realm, he does live in pretty fancy digs. Yes, only a castle will suffice for a king! But what might his castle look like? Maybe something like this!

This is a pretty goofy looking castle, which I cannot decide if it is too goofy for him or not. I kind of dig the idea that some of the turrets and the like might not be exactly attached to anything else, so I might go with that a bit further. I'll likely come back to this in a few days. Maybe even a map of his homeland, though I don't think I've ever managed a map that doesn't look like a bunch of nonsense.

Anywho! There's plenty of room in the castle, what on earth could be in there? Well, there's his throne room, his private quarters, rooms for his monstery-guards and the like live, a few rooms he himself doesn't like going into, and of course the library. It's got all kinds of books with all kinds of knowledge that is probably not a good idea to have even written down, much less kept all in one place. However! It is also got the book with the magic that allows him to snatch the things that brings about this storyline.

This is a super-super rough scribble, I know, but it's going up here anyway. If only as a baseline for it reappearing later on in a better form, as I kind of want to fix it up and see if I can turn out something at least semi-finished out of it.

Anyhow, to end it out today, here's a little bit of nonsense with him and one of his baby critters. They get bigger than that, but are pretty cute when they're baby.

Okee, see you guys tomorrow :3

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