Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 3: Chompy Critter Edition

Yesterday there was a little critter we saw being cuddled by our buddy the Nightmare King. Let's have a better look at them today, shall we?

So these critters don't currently have a name for themselves as a whole (I've just called them "critters" thus far). They are a squat furry beastie, much longer than they are tall. They are egg-hatched, and approximately the size of a housecat when they are hatched. At full maturity, they reach between four and six feet high, with lengths between twelve and twenty feet from nose to tail.

The masklike covering over their faces is actually a hard bonelike covering that grows naturally, allowing for protection of their heads, as well as allowing them to charge foes. Their large claws and sharp teeth are also fearsome weapons, making them effective protectors of the castle and the areas around it.

The ones that live in the castle generally take up residence in a lower dungeon level of the castle, near where their broodmother (who I did not actually illustrate for y'all today, oops) resides. She is much larger and more bad tempered than her children, only just kept in line by the King. There is no visual clues as to the gender of the creatures, and and there has not been little evidence about as to who is fathering all of them, but the King is completely content to let them sort that out themselves.

There is actually a second group of beasties that are more humanoid than their bestial siblings. These are collectively referred to as harpies. They are capable of somewhat awkward flight for short distances, as well as gliding. Despite their obvious physical differences, they also seem to be hatched, often right beside their beast cousins. Harpies are often seen bearing masks similar to their siblings, but they are masks, rather than a natural growth.

While both varieties are capable of understanding speech and following commands, the harpy variety are regarded as more intelligent, being able to speak themselves (though they rarely have much to say). They are often either posted as guards or as caretakers of their beasty cousins.


Tomorrow I'll see if I can't finish up with some miscellaneous things out and about in the King's castle, then maybe I can't get into some of his victims or some such.

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